Cement Plaster and Masonry

Binder with special additives for Plaster and Masonry MC 12.5 Composition: clinker, chalk, cast according to SR EN 197-1:2011 standard
Additive | Packing: 40 kg/bag, 40 bags/pallet It doesn't contain and it doesn't require lime

Areas of use

  • Mortar masonry (brick, AAC)
  • Plastering mortars (brick, AAC, concrete)


  • It's a binder with special additives in which you add only water and sand in order to obtain a high quality mortar
  • The mortar prepared with plaster and masonry has a good workability
  • It has a superior adhesion to all the layers of support
  • Works can be executed both manually and mechanically
  • Easy preparation, maximum resistance


  • Plaster and Masonry is not used for concrete preparation
  • When preparing the mortars with this binder do not add lime