Cement plaster and masonry


nr. Product type Packing
1 Cement Plaster and Masonry 40 kg/bag

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nr. Product type Packing
1 Cement CEM II/B-LL 42,5 N 40 kg/bag
2 Cement CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R bulk

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Durotherm brick from SOCERAM is done in a fully automated installation, SOCERAM factory being the most modern brick factory in the country. Automation offers to ceramic block the constant characteristics unchanged in time, untainted by the arbitrary human factor.

However, the recipe belongs to the old brick manufactures concept, that over generations have allowed the introduction of other ingredients outside blue clay, sand and water. These three ingredients mixed in proportions, known only by specialists, giving the product high compressive strength, very low water absorption and a perfect natural color resulting from burning sand components.

Consequently, Durotherm is a brick 100% organic that combines perfectly the new with local tradition, forming an ideal building material for houses that will last hundreds of years.
40 years of experience in building materials


Since 2005, with privatization of the company, began a comprehensive process of modernization, development and diversification of production. Main actions are:

- Doubling capacity of A.A.C. production of the factory from Doicesti by replacing the brick cutting machine with a modern one, purchasing new autoclaves, the improvement of manufacturing recipe in parallel with expansion of automatic dosing of raw materials and automation of all operations and processes.
- Building a new manufacturing capability in baked clay bricks, using the latest technologies in the field, the new factory is one of the most modern in the world.
- Building a new AAC manufacturing capacity. The factory uses the latest technology and is fully automatic. It will manufacture both AAC blocks classic-shape, and blocks with tongue and groove joints for a better blend, greater stability and economy of construction materials, and hollow blocks for manual handling, according to the latest European regulations on building materials, making SOCERAM the first and only manufacturer of such products in Romania.
- Realization and operation of new manufacturing capacity for building adhesives.
- Building a new manufacturing capability for polystyrene and washable paint.

Objective number one of our trade policy is the customer care and attention. Offer complete solutions in construction. We are continuous concerned of upgrading manufacturing technologies and to implement what is new in the field.

Implementation of management system ISO 9001/2004 of quality is guaranteed of maintenance of quality standard.